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Well I am 25 and been in Internet Marketing since I was 16 I love helping people achieve their goals. I am motivated and dedicated to getting what I want and helping others get what they want. I love to work out and make friends. Read books watch movies and play with my daughters. I work for Beach Body as a coach promoting healthy living. I help people create fitness goals and keep them motivated so they can achieve them! Team with me and BeachBody and get the results you want. Whether you have weight loss or income goals I can help with BOTH! Weight Loss!! DVDs like P90X and HIP HOP ABS, vitamins, nutritional supplements, workout gear, nutrition support, meal planning, fitness and workout tips, and much more. Every customer is given a personal coach (like me) to help motivate and support and maintain accountability. This is why people are so very successful in reaching their fitness goals with Beachbody programs! So become a coach there are many commissions and bonuses available through Beachbody to allow you to reach your desired weight loss and income goals. If you have any questions feel free to call me anytime! Clarisa 775-934-2421

Isn't Megan beautiful!

Isn't Megan beautiful!
Ben kissing his brand new baby girl

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have finally found a home based business!!

After 3 years I have found a home based business that works for me. I get the chance to help people get fit and healthy and make money doing it. Beach Body has been around for years and now they have launched a business opportunity and I decided to try it. All I have to do is get people fired up about getting healthy by eating right and exercising and that's it. Here is my website so everyone can learn more about how it all works.


I am excited about helping people become healthy and financially free so check it out!

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Tabitha Dickerson said...

It must be nice to be able to work from home. I have thought about it several times, but I think I would really miss the classroom.


Gosh almost 5 years old

Gosh almost 5 years old
Aint I cute lol